Ganoderma lucidum has traditionally been used in the treatment of hypertension1 and ACE inhibitory activity has been demonstrated for the triterpene Ganoderic acid K2. It has also been suggested that the CNS inhibiting action of triterpenes from G. lucidum may play a part in its anti-hypertensive action3.

In the light of recent data, which suggests that subsets of T lymphocytes play critical roles in the development of angiotensin II, deoxycorticosterone salt-sensitive and Dahl salt-sensitive hypertension, and in the progression of vascular remodelling, it is possible that mushrooms may have a beneficial effect on blood pressure by virtue of their immune regulating properties4. However, beneficial effects for other mushrooms have only been demonstrated at unrealistic dietary levels of between 5-20%5-7 or, in the case of Agaricus subrufescens, with a GABA-enriched extract8.

Triterpene-rich G. lucidum extracts (1-3g/day).

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