Cervical Cancer

Schizophyllan (Sizofiran), a polysaccharide extract from Schizophyllan commune, is licensed in Japan for the treatment of cervical cancer and, in a 5-year multi-centre study, has been shown to significantly extend time to recurrence and improve survival rates in patients with stage II cervical cancer but not in those with stage III cancer56,57.Apolysaccharide extract of Agaricus subrufescens was shown to enhance NK cell activity in patients with gynaecological cancers (cervical, uterine and endometrial) undergoing chemotherapy (either carboplatin plus etoposide or carboplatin plus taxol) and reduce side effects from the chemotherapy (appetite suppression, alopecia, emotional stability and general weakness)<sup>1</sup>.

Fve, a protein from Flammulina velutipes, enhanced immune response to vaccination against HPV in an animal model and, in early stage cervical dysplasia (LSIL), Trametes versicolor mycelial biomass (3g/day) significantly increased the percentage of women showing normal cytology after 1 year (72.5% compared to 47.5% in the control group) and increased clearance of associated high risk HPV strains (91.5% vs. 8.5%)<sup>2,3</sup>.



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